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Welcome to Emily Missed Out; a podcast involving Emily and Breanne watching classic, pop-culture-filled movie gems that up until now, Emily has never seen. Join them while they unearth and consume a film each week as they try to determine if —Emily missed out.

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    Episode 31 - The Big Lebowski

    Episode 31 (31?!) brings a kind suggestion from Eric over at the PopCycle podcast, and points Emily and Breanne in the direction of The Big Lebowski! Did Emily miss out on The Dude/ Duder/ El Duderino? Hows abouts naked action painting, nihilist German musicians, bowling nemeses by the name of Jesus, and rug pee-ers. Hahaha. If you haven't seen it yet, yes, this is all in this one film. And much more. *Also, Breanne does know that Kentucky is located in America. We swear.

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    Episode 30 - Dead Poets Society

    While Breanne and Emily dig out the pop-culturally relevant gems from this week's film Dead Poets Society, they also take in the great lines and performances —and wish that Robin Williams was still around and able to bring more of these characters to life.

    O Captain! My Captain!

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    Episode 29 - Point Break 1991

    This week Emily and Breanne stay safely ashore whilst they take in more Patrick Swayze action in Point Break, plus Point Break Live, cute Keanu Reeves and awesome Lori Petty, brah! Er, brahs?... and gahls?... I don't know...

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    Episode 28 - The Fast and The Furious

    Vrrrrrm! Rev your engines and get ready for this week's episode where Emily and Breanne find out if Emily missed out on The Fast and The Furious, why nitrous oxide makes you go FAST and why exploding cars should make you FURIOUS.

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    Episode 27 - 8 Mile

    You better lose yourself in episode 27 with Emily, Breanne and 8 Mile as they try to mine the details behind palms sweaty, mom's spaghetti and a take a look into the similarities and differences between Eminem's life and Jimmy B-Rabbit's story. Apologies for the delay on the release of this episode!

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    Episode 26 - Jerry Maguire

    From pyramids and strange voting practices, to Alice in Chains and Heart, Emily and Breanne do not complete anyone —they are their own people! Whether you are in or out with this movie, there are some interesting gems to unearth in this week's quest to see if Emily missed out on Jerry Maguire.

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    Episode 25 - Dazed and Confused

    Have you listened to this week's episode about Dazed and Confused yet? It'd be a lot cooler if you did. Emily learned so much about the 70's, man. Plus, we're thinkin' O.B/Badass = O'Banion/Badass (let us know what you think) and Breanne couldn't place it at the time, but the line "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass —and I'm all out of bubblegum" is the original parodied line from 1988's They Live!

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    Episode 24 - Top Gun

    Burn and turn and crash and burn folks! Top Gun is taking their breath away this week as Emily and Breanne try on Emily's first Tom Cruise movie and a newfound need for speed? Breanne is pumped and really wants to know, did Emily miss out?

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    Episode 23 - Office Space

    If you could just sit down and listen to this week's episode covering Office Space, that'd be grrreaaat. Emily learns the difference between "The Office" and "Office Space" and we find a spin-off video game that even non-gamer Breanne could play.

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    Episode 22 - Batman 1989

    On this episode covering the 1989 version of Batmandirected by Tim Burton, lots of fun tropes and quotes are discussed! Breanne and Emily go splitsies on a baby, and Emily fills Breanne in on a cute bat meme. Also, Breanne mistakes "set design" with "set decoration."

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