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Welcome to Emily Missed Out; a podcast involving Emily and Breanne watching classic, pop-culture-filled movie gems that up until now, Emily has never seen. Join them while they unearth and consume a film each week as they try to determine if —Emily missed out.

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    Episode 15 - Ghost

    We finally get to discuss GhooOOoost reasons. Breanne asks about one of Emily's spoooooky RPG characters. Emily is introduced to Patrick Swayze and the famous clay-spinning scene.

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    Episode 14 - Back to the Future 3

    All aboard! Hop into your DeLorean, steampunk time-travelling train, or onto your conveniently located TappHorse, and join us as our dive into zany time-travelling adventures comes to an end—for now—with our episode covering Back to the Future 3.

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    Episode 13 - Sixteen Candles

    Can we borrow your underpants—I mean, your attention—for 24 minutes? Emily and Breanne chat about Sixteen Candles and whether it holds up 34 years after release. We also briefly discuss our trip to the Popnology exhibit at the Telus World of Science, and who did better at a test.

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    Episode 12 - Men in Black

    Nothing to see here. Just a normal, everyday, podcast episode where we chat about Men in Black. We are completely regular people and definitely, definitely not aliens.

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    Episode 11 - The Terminator

    In this episode, we talk about the experience of watching The Terminator on the big screen. We also decide how many Terminators Emily needs.

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    Episode 10 - Karate Kid

    This week, we take in The Karate Kid and all of the bonsai-trimming, car-washing, fence-painting, Cobra-Kai-fighting, supportive-moming glory that is this movie.

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    Episode 9 - Heathers

    Episode 9 brings us Heathers; a movie that neither of us had seen but has been frequently compared to Emily's most-watched movie, Mean Girls. With it, comes an opportunity to watch Christian Slater, Winona Ryder and...occasional/not-so-occasional...murder.

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    Episode 8 - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    To get Emily up to speed on Robin Hood: Men in Tights, we watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Emily is introduced to cutie Christian Slater and the awesomeness of Alan Rickman. Plus, Emily explains 'chaotic good'.

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    Episode 7 - Raiders of the Lost Ark

    This week, Emily gets acquainted with Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We talk iconic scenes, Marion being kind of a badass, and Emily nails down fun titles for two Indiana Jones tropes.

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    Episode 6 - Back to the Future 2

    This week, we go on a future adventure that takes place in the recent past to figure out if Emily missed out on Back to the Future 2. Warning: There are hover boards.

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